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Make you own rules of the fort night battle and start shooting action in fort knight royale war with frontline deadly assault mission. In Fort Night Shooting Battle: Assault War Survival, the secret spy agency has informed your fight for survival team that the city has been under the attack of the enemy and they have killed majority of the hostage at old fort. Step into the big battle ground and start royale battle of survival as a commando. Destroy enemy’s helicopter and tanks during battle and keep going the mission of assault war survival as frontline fort night hero. So the last battle has just begun and fort night survival shooting battle assault is on and you are the last one in the survival arena for shooting battle frontline.

Pick up you gun and take your part in royal battle as survival royal. Prepare yourself from the frontline for assault war and for the combat attack in the battle arena. As a commando, you have to break the power of the enemy located in fort knight and you have to start destroying the base camps. Fort knight survival shooting battle against enemy invasion has been started. Be sure you are in the survival royal and you must know the fort night arena rules. Make a strong strategy against the royal enemies. Take timely strategic decisions and try to enter into the fort night but first dive with parachute from and destroy the bombing mines in the battlefield. You are playing as frontline standout survivor in the best frontline tps shooting which is unseen in fps shooting games offline.

The battle arena comprises of the city town which is expanded in big area for royale battle for the fort night. You have to prepare the rules of your ultimate survival in fort knight and update your weapon inventory, very carefully because the combat has thoughtful concerns. Fight as last and final survivor and show your fury where must be standout warrior hero and destroy all the elite commando camps with your assault weapons in fort night shooting battle. Destroy all the weapons and war heads of the enemies. You have to perform in the commando mission and make your way inside the castle for more destruction in grand shooting with royal battle ground of fort nigh big arena. You may use pistol grenade and rifle gun for your survival.

Features in Fort Night Shooting Battle: Assault War Survival:

- Ultimate fort night provided for unlimited shooting & survival action.
- 3D fantasy city & town environment.
- Battle arena as frontline for the shooting simulation.
- Royale battle with exclusive assault war missions at fort knight.
- Thrilling commando missions with army soldier or sniper characters.
- Be a fortnight commando & face many fort night shooting battle missions in frontline assault war.

The shooting at fort night in the battle ground big arena is based against the terrorist. This is the time to show some last man army gunner sniper skills in the fort night war. Start the ultimate survivor battle and make your country proud. Fight wisely and destroy enemies from everywhere as survival royal and forget all other fps shooting games offline. The army gunner and sniper are equipped with heavy missiles technology and big tanks to destroy our enemy base camps in in Fort Night Shooting Battle: Assault War Survival. You have chance to make your country proud and win this battle as elite fort night shooter.


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