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Super wild adventure of animal fighting but this time triple shaped lion chimera dragon wants to take down big jungle. Brutal fight battle of wild dinosaur and lion chimera dragon has begun. Kingdom of animals is in danger because these beasts are on the chaos and rampage. Dinosaur fighting games were never been so thrilling. In Lion Chimera Dragon vs Wild Dinosaur the ultimate wild lion dragon claw and furious fire strike can hunt down dangerous wild animals in one attack. Wild Dino gameplay is not as easy as you think, do wild lion chimera dragon hunting with your deadly fire and lion pounce. In T-rex dinosaur fighting simulation the powerful dinosaur and t-rex can kill the jungle animals and everything so enjoy this lion vs dinosaur in the wild jungle adventure gameplay. Hunt these jurassic beasts in the wilderness of big forest.

Control the big predator lion chimera dragon in all its fury and help it survive by chasing, attacking, fighting and eating other animals. Fight with angry dinosaurs, T-rex tyrannosaurs rex both the animals are very angry and will not hold back. They will attack and killing wild jungle animals to occupy the forest. In wild dinosaur fighting & hunting simulator, they will chase and fight with your lion chimera dragon in wild forest. Stay alert and focused the angry lion dragon roar to chase & hunt them in wild dino vs lion fighting adventure game. You will enjoy the tiger vs dinosaur fights in the next update. Create strategies for dinosaur attack and how to survive against wild dinosaur t-rex mob with higher levels than yours in order to survive as jungle lion chimera dragon survival is the only challenge. 

Lion Chimera Dragon Vs Wild Dinosaur Features:

• Real chimera lion vs dinosaur survival missions.
• Amazing wild jungle adventure environment in dinosaur fighting games 3d.
• Control lion chimera dragon with furious fire & other attacking features.
• Addictive gameplay with a jungle chaos scenario.
• Realistic graphics with astounding wild dino & lion dragon animations.
• Keep an eye on health bar & keep attacking animals & fighting dinosaur t rex for survival.

Brutal jungle battle and super forest fight has just begun between big beasts. Be a part of this wild adventure of animal hunting game. Attack with fast fire and jump like a furious lion chimera dragon against the angry dinosaurs. Time to forget tiger vs dinosaur or other hunting simulation action games. War is on attack with powers and defend adventure forest against dinosaurs attack and defeat monster sized spinosaurus and tyrannosaurs rex. Enjoy the action packed chimera lion attack simulator game with Jurassic realistic dino hunt missions. Hunt enemy dinosaur and dominate or rule over the big jungle. Download now Lion Chimera Dragon Vs Wild Dinosaur and start battle against the might predators t rex.


Chimera Lion Dragon Simulator.apk 54 MB

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