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Start fighting against other wild lion, cheetah, wild tiger, rhino, wolf and panther. Hunt other animals buffalo, hare and hyena as prey with your pure hunting skills. In lion family sim you will feel the pure adventure of animal family games. Take food for mate and cubs in this family survival game of wild lion. RPG animal simulator games with Adrenalin-filled combination of animal family simulator games. Have a complete online multiplayer experience with lion family game. Make clan of wild lion to fight with other lion and lioness pack. Lead your pack from the front as an alpha in RPG wild adventure animal simulator game. Wild lion is strong enough by getting health and energy. In this lion family game you will play for your ultimate survival and for family. You have to hunt animals and take care of your own family, save your territory from other wild predators of savanna jungle. As angry lion attack with razor sharp claws and strike ruthlessly to your foes. 

Other Features of The Lion Online:

↗ Experience wild lion fighting & survival in different locations like desert, savanna & green forest.
↗ Breed your lion family, make & upgrade your home in this lion sim.
↗ Online multiplayer feature enjoy online gameplay with your friends.
↗ Raise your own lion clan & fight with ferocious wilder animals.
↗ RPG quest based forest adventure lion simulation action game.
↗ Explore massive 3D open world against vicious bosses.
↗ Be king of the wildness in dynamic run-time world

Raise your lion family and explore different locations, also battle against strong enemies in online lion family simulation game. This family sim has many fighting and quest based survival missions to explore in RPG gameplay mode. Your ultimate lion is ready to step into the amazing wild fighting contest. Hunt down prey to feed for hunger & health in lion games 2018. Battle for your life against deadly fierce bosses as ultimate lion. 3D Wild lion simulation allows you to survive in the wilderness. So download The Lion Online and enjoy the multiplayer option for epic fight in lion family game.

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